Project GD: A Brutally Realistic Dating Sim – Design Treatment

We all have ideas. Game ideas, book ideas, movie ideas, and so on. And if you’re like me, you don’t do anything with them. You keep them in a part of your mind, and are convinced that yeah, some day you will definitely do something with it.

But not now.

Or you start doing it, completely unprepared, and figured it will just work out. And then it’s confusing, and difficult, and you give up. It just didn’t work.

Well, that’s what I do. And I don’t speak about it with anyone, because hey, that’s embarassing and someone might steal my ideas. And this morning, I read this. Which made me realize that yeah, I want to complete my projects, and I want to show them, share them, talk about them.

So I’m doing this. I have been interested in Game Design for a long time, and have absolutely no experience doing it. I started a couple of times, and gave up because of a too ambitious project and lack of skills. So I’m going to take it slow. Maybe it will take me years, but it will move forward. I’m going to keep it simple. Simplest game possible (a dating sim, with a twist), the objective being to complete it and learn, not to make the best game ever.

And I’m going to be structured. I will follow this process, which seems well thought, and is a professional thing. And it seems a lot more efficient than just jumping in and trying to develop the finished product from scratch. With that said, here we go. We will start with the Design Treatment, a quick review of the game features and characteristics. “Dating God: A Brutally Realistic Dating Simulator”, right after the jump!

This game comes from the realization that most dating sims are as far as possible from real dating. A usual dating sim works by talking as much as possible to a given girl, and agreeing as much as possible with her. This increases her friendship with her, which when maxed makes her romantically interested in you.

Dating Sim Example

This is not how it works in the real world (and it’s a good thing).

Acting like that in the real world will definitely lead anyone to the dreaded “friendzone”. And doing in a dating sim what is efficient in real life will lead you to a game over. This is not right.

This game is a dating simulation, oriented towards realism. The main objective is that users with high dating skills will be good at the game, and people good at the game will be good at dating. This game is to normal dating sims what Gran Turismo is to Burnout, what X-Plane is to Ace Combat. It will bring back the “Sim” in “Dating Sim”.

The game will be pretty simplistic. The player will have a defined character, and interact with a girl. He will have several answers or sentences to choose from, and his choices will affect the flow of the conversation and the end result. The “fun factor” for the player is to interact with a realistic flirt model.The player will be able to select different options, see what results it get, and try to reach the end goal anyway. An option will add an assistant who will explain what is going on (unlocking necessary?) Look will be anime/manga in style. The Girl will look like a sexy 20ish anime character. The Player will look like a classy 20ish guy (think Jacob Palmer in Crazy, Stupid Love). The Assistant will look like a “mascot” (devil?). Gameplay will just be about choosing between conversation options, assisted by three bars (interest/friendship/desire).

There will be only one episode: one interaction with one girl. One objective is to extend it to several episodes later, and/or apply the model to full scale dating game. The game will be developed using Java for Android. It is planned to be released on Android. An engine will need to be developed. Art is necessary for the Girl, the Player, the Assistant, and background. The game will be developed with filler arts, and actual art for these 4 elements will be bought or made before release. Characters are: the Player, a guy who wants to get a girl, and gets out in the streets with that objective in mind; his looks and body language are top-notch thanks to the help of the Dating God. The Girl, a pretty and single girl, who is not against meeting someone but is bored by how creepy most guys are when trying to hit on her. The Assistant (Dating God) is here to help the Guy gets a girl; he possesses perfect understanding of dating, and will share his knowledge. Target audience is 18-25 male players.

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